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New Initiative: "Revising Just War Theory for the 21st Century"
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Global Ethics Films Documentary Series
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This is the first film in the Forum's documentary series, "Patterns for Peace: India as a Model for Peace in a Multi-Religious Society" is set to be released in 2007.  It will be followed by a second film on ecology and health, titled "The Sacred Planet," which is currently in production and being shot in Japan, England, Southern California, and the Yukon, Canada. 

Declaration of Human Rights
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One of the on-going Forum projects is a Universal Declaration of Human Rights by the World's Religions.


Forum Description and Mission Statement

The Global Ethics and Religion Forum is an educational, non-profit NGO dedicated to increasing global ethical responsibility.  Incorporated in 2001 and receiving US federal non-profit status in 2002, GERF is an international organization based in Southern California.  The heart of the organization consists of some 60 distinguished scholars from around the world who provide the ethical and intercultural expertise for the Forum’s projects.  GERF is guided by a twenty-one member Board of Directors which combines both academic and community/business leaders. 

The scholarly expertise of the Forum is organized into an International Board of Consultants with experts in international law, economics, business and management, literature, agriculture, philosophy and world religions.  World traditions like Buddhism, Hinduism, Jainism, Islam, Baha’i, Judaism and Confucianism are currently represented among Board of Consultants’ members residing in China, India, Indonesia, Thailand, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, The Hague, England, Wales, Canada, and the United States.  The Board of Directors also has a rich diversity of experience which includes the presidency of institutes of higher learning, university trusteeship, leadership in financial services and banking, expertise in management, law, medicine and film, as well as corporate ownership and religious leadership. 

The Forum promotes global ethical responsibility by addressing specific issues such as human rights and responsibilities, war and reconciliation, race and gender, globalization and economic justice, ecological ethics and global medical issues through an intercultural and interreligious approach. The activities of the Forum are made widely available to the public through conferences, books and film. Forum conferences are open to the public and explicitly organized to make the interchange of ideas across traditions and among disciplines accessible to interested lay people, students as well as community members.

The Forum presents yearly conferences in Southern California and at Cambridge University, and co-sponsors conferences, primarily in Asia.  Universities and non-profit organizations in Southern California with which the Forum has partnered include the University of California at Los Angeles; University of California, Irvine; Loyola Marymount University; California State University, Northridge; California Lutheran University; the Los Angeles County Museum of Art; and Long Beach Memorial Medical Center.  Outside Southern California, the Forum has partnered with Marquette University; Cambridge University (Clare Hall), England; Payap University, Chiang Mai, Thailand; and the University of Gujarat, Ahmedabad, India.  Many of the participants in these programs have also contributed to two book series.  The first is the “Library of Global Ethics and Religion” which is published in Oxford, England and is now in its fourth volume, and the second is a new sequence of books on ethical issues in science, ethics and religion to be published by Cambridge University Press, with a first volume on “Global Medical Ethics.” 

In the medium of film, the Forum has begun a documentary series, “Patterns for Peace,” focusing on local efforts for peace and harmony in specific regions which can be models for a more peaceful global community. The first documentary, “Patterns for Peace: India as a Model for Peace in a Multi-Religious Society," is due out in 2007. A second documentary entitled "The Sacred Planet," will focus on the topic of ecology and global health. Production for "The Sacred Planet" began in the spring of 2007.

With an inclusive and pluralistic orientation, the Global Ethics and Religion Forum neither emphasizes nor excludes the perspective of any particular World Religion, and the Forum endorses no specific political party or political affiliation.



Forum Benefit Cruise: West Coast Premier of the Warren S87
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Forum associate Cedric Prakash, S.J., of India named to French Legion of Honor
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